Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lucy's Cookies Now at Starbucks

I went to the Starbucks on Fayetteville Road across the street from Southpoint today. Starbucks is now carrying Lucy's cookies that are free of gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts, and true nuts. They are also kosher and vegan. I bought some of chocolate chip cookies which are three to a pack. Cinnamon thins and sugar cookies were also available. This is a nice addition to Starbucks! I would much rather have one of the cookies than a Kind bar with my coffee! The cashier told me the cookies will be in Starbucks nationwide. Here is an article if you would like to read more of the story.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Lucy is a Tarheel born! She went to UNC! :-)

Lauren said...

That's great! I knew she was from NC, but I didn't know she was a Tarheel. Even more reason to support her gluten free business!