Sunday, August 23, 2009

FDA Approves Gluten Free Beer

Check out this interesting article that talks about the FDA approving gluten free beer.

I was at Carrabba's in Raleigh and one of the servers told me about it. Nice to know that the FDA is taking more steps to monitor products as gluten free.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bella Monica Pizzas

I went to Whole Foods today and saw that all varieties of Bella Monica pizza are in stock. I used to pick up a pizza whenever I went to Harmony Farms in Raleigh and looked often to see if the Chapel Hill Whole Foods started carrying them. Glad to see they're finally here!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Naturally Kerr Update

Taken from the Gluten Free Raleigh Blog...

I wrote back in April about a brand new concept being launched at Kerr Drug called Naturally Kerr. In that article I shared the following about the first two Kerr Drug stores to get this update in the entire nation (Raleigh & Asheville).

Non health categories such as automotive and hardware were removed. Their space was filled with a wide range of natural and organic products. The stores stock such items as gluten-free and allergy-free foods, kids' organic vitamins and supplements, and organic pet supplies and toys. There is also a natural baby section with organic diapers, lotions and other products. Along with sections dedicated to natural and organic products, there are also more of those items scattered throughout the stores.
I was recently contacted by Kerr Drug with the exciting announcement that the concept has been popular enough to open a third store. Lucky for us, it's close by in Chapel Hill. Check out the information below.

Kerr Drug Winning Customers “Naturally”
Company will open its third Naturally Kerr store in Chapel Hill

Raleigh. NC- July, 2009- Kerr Drug, a leading provider of pharmacy and other health care related services, will open another of its new Naturally Kerr locations to meet customer demand. The Chapel Hill store will be located in the new East 54
retail/residential/office community. The store will open October 26th with a Grand Opening celebration planned for November. Naturally Kerr locations become a “store within a store,” replacing traditional “drug store” convenience items such as automotive and hardware with natural, homeopathic and organic products. Naturally Kerr will fill about ¼ of the retail space.

“In three months, sales of natural, organic and homeopathic products at our two Naturally Kerr stores have exceeded our expectations,” says Anthony Civello, president and CEO of Kerr Drug. “Because of the tremendous customer demand we are moving ahead with a third location.”

Naturally Kerr stores opened in Kerr Drug locations in Harvest Plaza in Raleigh and on Patton Avenue in Asheville in April.

The Homeopathic department carries a complete line of health and beauty aids, supplements, baby and child remedies, diet and energy, digestive, and herbal products. The Natural and Organic categories include wheat-free/gluten free baking mixes, grains, desserts, snacks, cereals; breakfast products; candy, cookies, crackers; meals-to-go, entrees and soups; juices; pastas and sauces; organic pet food; coffees and teas and a variety of pantry items.

“Sales of gluten-free products are especially strong,” reports Anthony Latini, manager of Kerr Drug’s Harvest Plaza store in Raleigh. “We are meeting many first time shoppers who have never been in a Kerr Drug before and heard about us from friends or on a blog site. I am happy we are meeting the customer’s needs.”

Kerr Drug’s new Chapel Hill store will also feature an American Diabetes Association certified Diabetes Research Center and a full-time Community Health Resource Coordinator.

It's interesting to note how the press release specifically mentions the effect of blogs like Gluten Free Raleigh. As consumers, we can use blogs and the word of mouth they generate to help nudge companies to cater to those living the Gluten Free Lifestyle. Please continue to support Gluten Free Raleigh and other GF Blogs and help spread the word! If you hear of something great in the GF world, please contact me so I can write about it. We are having an impact.