Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Restaurant Update: Carmine's

A few weeks ago Darius, owner and chef of Carmine's, asked for my feedback concerning gluten free pasta dishes. I had the opportunity to try a couple of new items. After speaking with him again I feel very comfortable with Carmine's efforts to ensure the safety of those choosing to eat gluten free.

I decided to give Carmine's another try when my office needed lunch for a meeting. I was in charge of coordinating lunch and new everyone would find something they liked.

I enjoyed baked ziti without meat sauce. It was a takeout dish that was labeled as gluten free. I talked to Darius when picking it up and he assured me it was safe and he cooked it himself. Always ask to speak to him when ordering your meal. Thankfully, there is now a "gluten free pasta" button on the cash register to avoid any confusion.

I am very impressed with the changes that have been made. I highly recommend Carmine's as a great place to eat. I'm excited to see a local restaurant give so much attention to the gluten free diet. Please show your appreciation by giving Carmine's a try!

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