Saturday, March 28, 2009

Restaurant Review: Chill Bubble Tea

Chill Bubble Tea located at 145 E. Franklin Street offers a different type of drink. So, what exactly is bubble tea? I found the following on their website:

“Bubble Tea is a delicious combination of fruits or teas, blended together into a smoothie and poured over tapioca pearls. Tapioca pearls are small chewy pieces of tapioca which are made fresh at every Chill Bubble Tea store.”

I’ve been to Chill once before and got the almond flavor. It was delicious. They offer a variety of classic teas that include: avocado, cantaloupe, cherry, coconut, french vanilla, green tea latte, honeydew, lychee, milk tea, taro, and watermelon. The fresh fruit bubble teas include: strawberry, kiwi, banana, mango, and pineapple. I see on the homepage that there is a mocha bean bubble tea that I can’t wait to try!

If bubble tea isn’t your thing, they also have loose leaf teas. A list of flavors can be found here.

I contacted Chill yesterday to get the most up-to-date gluten free information. After calling corporate, I received this email:

To answer your questions, we do not use any wheat or gluten in any of our products. The only exception may be some of the toppings for the Chill Swirl frozen yogurts, such as the cereal toppings. As far as our bubble teas, loose leaf teas and our actual frozen yogurt, they are wheat and gluten free.

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions. Have a Chill day!


As you can see above, the options are plenty with the exception of some of the creations toppings and cereal toppings.


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Lauren said...

I had the Mocha Bean Bubble Tea this weekend and it's great! :)