Friday, June 10, 2011

Brixx Gluten Free Pizza

Today, I was opening the Money Mailer that sometimes dusts my mailbox. For those unfamillar, Money Mailer is an envelope of coupons, usually for dining. As I was going through the coupons today, I found one for Brixx in Meadowmont Village. You can view and print out the coupon here.

The coupon says that a gluten free pizza crust is available, so I went on the website to confirm, and for $2 extra you can request the special crust. I know nothing more than that, but it's worth checking out! If you try it first, let me know.

Also, if you're interested in Money Mailer. Carmine's and Evos had coupons today as well. They have gluten free options and you can search this blog for past reviews on both of those.

Print off the coupons at after you enter your zip code.

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WeatherBunny said...

I was visiting in Chapel Hill over the weekend and ate at Brixx. They said they make all of the GF pizzas in their own prep area and with the correct methods to avoid contamination. All of the GF pizzas are baked and served right in their own aluminum pan, so even though they go through the same oven as regular pizza they shouldn't have a chance to interact with them. Brixx had a list of GF pizzas and it was so nice to have variety in topping choices. My celiac husband had pepperoni, I had Chicken Florentine, and our wheat-free friend had a wood-roasted veggie pizza. They were all good! Crust was thin but not too spongy. Our waitress also said they had GF desserts but we were too full to check out the selection. Oddly enough, our other friend who had a non-GF BBQ pizza ended up getting a stomach bug that night. Not sure if it was related, but the 3 of us who had GF pizza were fine!