Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Custom Choice Cereal, LLC

I recently came across an interesting blog that talks about the creation of a local gluten free cereal company, Custom Choice Cereal. The company was founded in April by two students who graduated this year from the MBA program at the University of North Carolina.

Here is a piece of an e-mail that I received from the founders that helps explain the concept of their business:

Custom Choice Cereal will allow celiacs and people suffering from gluten intolerance to create their own favorite cereal from a wide variety of entirely gluten-free ingredients. Through our online platform (, celiacs can pick a base mix, add dried fruit, nuts, and seeds as they please and give their cereal an individual name. We create the cereal mix in our entirely gluten-free facility and ship it conveniently to their doorstep. Custom Choice Cereal provides safe, healthy cereal specifically tailored to the needs of celiacs.

The website will go live soon and the company plans to be fully operational in July.

Updates to come!

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